Patrick Martinchek

Patrick Martinchek

I build products, experiences, and teams centered around data science.

Some of my past work

Built the first Mars data science program at NASA/JPL (identified & tracked fatigued rover systems prior to failure)

Helped build viral media company that grew from 0 to 100M+ monthly actives in 9 months using clever data science techniques

Started and led product, data science, and engineering teams in digital healthcare, security/inspection, and media/content industries


I work with high-growth, 100+ employee businesses to set up new data science departments, and advise data science leaders and executive teams

As an example of the type of work I do, I created $10M+ incremental revenue with one e-commerce client in 2020 (10% of revenue) by creating their data/growth team and prioritizing/structuring their first projects during a 6-month engagement