• Multipliers
    Liz Wiseman
  • Extreme Ownership
    Jocko Willink & Leif Babin
  • In Praise of Shadows
    Junichiro Tanizaki
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
    Dale Carnegie
  • Ego is the Enemy
    Ryan Holiday
  • Lifespan
    David Sinclair & Matthew LaPlante
  • The Fourth Turning
    Strauss and Howe
  • The Changing World Order
    Ray Dalio
  • 🥇High Output Management
    Andrew Grove
  • 🥈Tools of Titans
    Timothy Ferriss
  • 🥈Who is Michael Ovitz?
    Michael Ovitz
  • 🥈Predictable Revenue
    Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler
  • 🥈The Partnership Charter
    David Gage
  • 🥈Trillion Dollar Coach
    Eric Schmidt, Rosenberg & Eagle
  • 🥈The Great CEO Within
    Matt Mochary
  • 🥈Company of One
    Paul Jarvis
  • High Growth Handbook
    Elad Gil
  • Principles
    Ray Dalio
  • Just Listen
    Mark Goulston
  • Steve Jobs
    Walter Isaacson
  • Elon Musk
    Ashlee Vance
  • Shoe Dog
    Phil Knight
  • The Virgin Way
    Richard Branson
  • The Everything Store
    Brad Stone
  • Delivering Happiness
    Tony Hsieh
  • How Google Works
    Schmidt, Rosenberg, Eagle
  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things
    Ben Horowitz
  • Creativity, Inc
    Ed Catmull, Amy Wallace
  • Managing Humans
    Michael Lopp
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
    Patrick Lencioni
  • The Effective Executive
    Peter Drucker
  • Powerful
    Patty McCord
  • Managing the Unmanageable
    Mantle & Lichty
  • Brave New Work
    Aaron Dignan
  • Shackleton's Way
    Morrell & Capparell
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    Stephen Covey
  • Angel
    Jason Calacanis
  • The Making of a Manager
    Julie Zhu
  • The Quants
    Scott Patterson
  • More Money Than God
    Sebastian Mallaby
  • Hedge Fund Market Wizards
    Jack Schwager
  • Option B
    Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant
  • Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout
    Rick Rigsby
  • Tribe of Mentors
    Timothy Ferriss
  • Undo It!
    Dean Ornish & Anne Ornish
  • 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership
  • Team of Teams
    General Stanley McChrystal
  • The Right Stuff
    Tom Wolfe
  • The Success Equation
    Michael Mauboussin
  • Great at Work
    Morten Hansen
  • Remote
    Jason Fried & DHH
  • It Doesn't Have To Be Crazy At Work
    Fried & DHH
  • What You Do Is Who You Are
    Ben Horowitz
  • Atomic Habits
    James Clear
  • Why Are We Yelling?
    Buster Benson
  • No Hard Feelings
    Liz Fosslien & Mollie West Duffy
  • Relentless
    Tim Grover
  • Derailed
    Tim Irwin & Patrick Lencioni
  • Getting More
    Stuart Diamond
  • Start with Why
    Simon Sinek
  • Never Split the Difference
    Chris Voss & Tahl Raz
  • Loonshots
    Stafi Bahcall
  • The Score Takes Care of Itself
    Walsh, Jamison, Walsh
  • That Will Never Work
    Marc Randolph
  • Where Good Ideas Come From
    Steven Johnson
  • The Elephant in the Brain
    Kevin Simler & Robin Hanson
  • 48 Laws of Power
    Robert Poe
  • Team of Rivals
    Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • The 10 Laws of Trust
    Joel Peterson
  • The Luxury Strategy
    JK Kapferer V Bastien
  • To Sell is Human
    Daniel Pink
  • 🥇Nonviolent Communication
    Marchall Rosenberg
  • 🥈Behave
    Robert Sapolsky
  • 🥈Influence
    Robert Cialdini
  • Understanding Human Nature
    Alfred Adler
  • Personality
    Daniel Nettle
  • Spy The Lie
    Philip Houston, Floyd & Carnicero
  • The LIke Switch
    Jack Schafer, Karlins
  • How Emotions Are Made
    Lisa Feldman Barrett
  • Strengths Finder 2.0
    Tom Rath
  • So You've Been Publicly Shamed
    Jon Ronson
  • The Courage To Be Disliked
    Kishimi & Koga
  • Lincoln the Unknown
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
  • The Quick.. To Effective Speaking
  • Public Speaking & Influencing.. Business
  • Dale Carnegie's Scrapbook
  • The Sacred Enneagram
    Christopher Heuertz
  • Enneagram Transformations
    Don Richard Riso
  • Attached
    Amir Levine & Rachel Heller
  • On Grief & Grieving
    Kubler-Ross & Kessler
  • Shame Nation
    Sue Scheff & Melissa Schorr
  • In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
    Gabor Mate
  • The Tipping Point
    Malcolm Gladwell
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK
    Mark Manson
  • Radical Candor
    Kim Scott
  • The Art Of Community
    Charles Vogl
  • 🥇Hooked
    Nir Eyal
  • 🥈Switch
    Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  • 🥈Made to Stick
    Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  • Lean Customer Development
    Cindy Alvarez
  • The Lean Startup
    Eric Ries
  • The Innovator's Dilemma
    Clayton Christensen
  • Product Demos That Sell
    Steli Efti
  • The Mom Test
    Rob Fitzpatrick
  • Contagious
    Jonah Berger
  • The Advertising Effect
    Ferrier & Fleming
  • Brainfluence
    Roger Dooley
  • Decoding the New Consumer Mind
    Kit Yarrow
  • 🥇On Intelligence
    Jeff Hawkins
  • 🥈A Short History of Nearly Everything
    Bill Bryson
  • 🥈Abundance
    Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler
  • 🥈Before the Industrial Revolution
    Carlo Cipolla
  • 🥈Contact
    Carl Sagan
  • Space Mission Analysis & Design
    Larson & Wertz
  • Sapiens
    Yuval Harari
  • Homo Deus
    Yuval Harari
  • Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
  • Cosmos
    Carl Sagan
  • The Sky is Not The Limit
    Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • The Pluto Files
    Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • Origins
    Neil DeGrasse Tyson & Donald Goldsmith
  • Death by Black Hole
    Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • Space Chronicles
    Neil DeGrasse Tyson & Ais Lang
  • Seven Brief Lessons On Physics
    Carlo Rovelli
  • Undeniable
    Bill Nye
  • The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide..
    Adams & Gaiman
  • The Art of Learning
    Josh Waitzkin
  • Moonwalking with Einstein
    Joshua Foer
  • Franklin's Autobiography
    Benjamin Franklin
  • The Most Human Human
    Brian Christian
  • Superintelligence
    Nick Bostrom
  • Skunk Works
    Ben Rich
  • 🥇Why We Sleep
    Matthew Walker

    Beware, there are some challenges to Walker's claims

  • Transcend
    Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman
  • Super Immunity
    Joel Fuhrman
  • This is Your Brain on Music
    Daniel Levitin
  • Bad Pharma
    Ben Goldacre
  • 🥇Into Thin Air
    Jon Krakauer
  • 🥈Red Notice
    Bill Browder
  • 🥈Hungry
    Jeff Gordinier
  • 🥈True and False
    David Mamet
  • 🥈The Perfect Storm
    Sebastian Junger
  • 🥈The Gervais Principle
    Venkatesh Rao
  • 🥈The Coddling of the American Mind
    Lukianoff & Haidt
  • 🥈The Pentagon
    Steve Vogel
  • 🥈Raven Rock
    Garrett Graff
  • 🥈Gods Debris
    Scott Adams
  • The Noma .. Fermentation
    R. Redzepi & D. Zilber
  • Neptune's Brood
    Charles Stross
  • The Story Behind
    Emily Prokop
  • The Last Lecture
    Randy Pausch & Jeffrey Zaslow
  • 1984
    George Orwell
  • The Three-Body Problem
    Cixin Liu
  • The Untethered Soul
    Michael Singer
  • The Manual
  • Man's Search for Meaning
    Viktor Frankl
  • Meditations
    Marcus Aurelius
  • Not Quite The Classics
    Colin Mochrie
  • Born Standing Up
    Steve Martin
  • The Handmaid's Tale
    Margaret Atwood
  • Every Tool's a Hammer
    Adam Savage
  • Ready Player One
    Ernest Cline
  • The Martian
    Andy Weir
  • Artemis
    Andy Weir
  • Song Machine
    John Seabrook
  • Hard Landing
    Thomas Petzinger
  • The Gun
    CJ Chivers
  • Active Measures
    Thomas Rid
  • The Doomsday Machine
    Daniel Ellsberg
  • How Democracies Die
    D. Ziblatt & S. Levitsky
  • Thanks for the Feedback
    Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen
  • What Every BODY is Saying
    Joe Navarro
  • The Charisma Myth
    Olivia Fox Cabane
  • Presence
    Amy Cuddy
  • Punished By Rewards
    Alfie Kohn
  • Social Engineering
    Christopher Hadnagy
  • Thinking Fast and Slow
    Daniel Kahneman
  • The Art of Community
    Charles Vogl
  • Crowds and Power
    Elias Canetti
  • On Language
    Noam Chomsky
  • The Art of War
    Sun Tzu
  • The Influence of Sea Power Upon History
  • The Last Panther
    Wolfgang Faust
  • Genghis Khan..
    Jack Weatherford
  • American Kingpin: .. Silk Road
    N. Bilton
  • Age of Ambition: .. New China
    E. Osnos
  • Billion Dollar Whale
    B. Hope & T. Wright
  • Black Wave: .. Middle East
    Kim Ghattas
  • The Arabs
    Eugene Rogan
  • Dreamland: .. Opiate Epidemic
    Sam Quinones
  • Dancing in the Glory of Monsters
    Jason Stearns
  • Advanced Persistent Training
    Jordan Schroeder
  • Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business
    Gino Wickman
  • The Alzheimer's Prevention.. Diet
  • The End of Alzheimer's
    Dale Bredesoen
  • The History of Money
    Jack Weatherford
  • The Ascent of Money
    Niall Ferguson
  • The Dollar Crisis
    Richard Duncan
  • Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance
    Robert Pirsig
  • Good To Great
    Jim Collins
  • Anxious
    Joseph Ledoux
  • Mindset
    Carol Dweck
  • 5 Love Languages
    Gary Chapman
  • The 5 Languages of Appreciation ..
    Gary Chapman
  • Command and Control
    Eric Schlosser
  • Global Catastrophic Risks
    Bostrom & Cirkovic
  • Guns, Germs, and Steel
    Jared Diamond
  • Collapse
    Jared Diamond
  • Upheaval
    Jared Diamond
  • Talent
    Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross
  • Finite and Infinite Games
    James Carse
  • Play Bigger
    Al Ramadan
  • Connect
    Carole Robin
  • A Shot To Save The World
    Gregory Zuckerman
  • The Cold Start Problem
    Andrew Chen
  • The Score Takes Care Of Itself
    Bill Walsh
  • Dream Land
    Sam Quinones