Patrick Martinchek

Patrick Martinchek

Product · Data Science · Engineering


I build products, experiences, and teams centered around data science.

  • Director, Data Products
    New York, NY
    2020 - present

  • Consulting: Data Science & Product Innovation
    NYC, SF, LA, London

    Helping venture-backed high-growth companies create their data science and growth organizations

  • Head of Engineering
    New York, NY

    Started and led the engineering team supporting the digital healthcare companies Galileo Home, and Galileo Health

  • VP Products
    San Francisco, CA

    Computer vision software focused on inspection and security tasks

  • Data Science, Product, Partnerships
    San Francisco, CA

    Led data science programs focused on content discovery and creation

  • Flight Director
    Pasadena, CA

    Tactical downlink lead and flight director for Mars Spirit & Opportuity rovers

  • Helping talented people kickstart their freelance consulting careers

  • Product studio & investment vehicle

  • Preparing people and teams for the unexpected

  • Incident response training software

  • Track changes to LinkedIn profiles

  • Multipass Email · paused

    Test platform for a few email-related projects (applying natural language generation to email tasks)

  • Headlines AI · paused

    At SFG, we learned how to engineer marketing language to achieve virality. Headlines deploys these insights as a reusable and scalable software product, focused initially on Facebook ad copy and Email copy.