On building projects faster

Dec 2022

Here's a simple mental hack I use to build things faster:

A lot of people are scared to commit because they are afraid of failure.

(build a company, launch a product, start a new hobby, begin a relationship).

By not committing, you don't start. By not starting, you fail anyways. Or you burn a lot of time procrastinating until taking action feels right.

Here's the mental trick I use to avoid this trap.

I reframe projects as experiments.

And commit to a goal & extremely aggressive timeline.

Experiments focus on learning, and keep failures small. Vs the grand alternative of 'build a new company', where failures are big and are linked to your self-esteem.

Just see if your experiment works. Then create a bigger experiment. And so on. Learnings compound.

This can work when building side-projects, managing small teams, and even leading massive orgs.

Reframing projects as experiments is a free ticket to get out of your own way.

And removes all excuses ahead of just taking action.